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At Dr. David Bax Injury & Rehabilitation Center in Indianapolis, we are licensed acupuncturists by the state of Indiana. Our traditional acupuncture services are available to help patients who are suffering from issues like back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms and headaches. Patients that receive acupuncture treatments at our clinic often report a reduction in pain associated with their injury or medical condition. We encourage you to consider looking into how acupuncture can help you manage with your specific health issues. 
Acupuncturists focus on restoring proper energy flow along the meridians of your body. When the body's energy flow is disrupted, pain and illness can result. Acupuncturists remove barriers to the healthy flow of energy throughout the body by inserting small gauge needles just below the surface of the skin. These needles stimulate reactions throughout the body that help heal and improve pain. Many people who receive treatment from acupuncturists notice a reduced need for pain relievers. In addition, you may recover faster after an injury and notice a reduction in anxiety and improvements in circulation.
Acupunture has gained a great deal of notoriety in recent years concerning its considerable success with addiction control. It has been shown that acupuncture has a very positive effect in the area of both drug and alcohol addiction. This procedure, inconjunction with professional counseling has been proven extremely effective.  One of the most noteworthy addictions acupuncture helps is smoking. The average patient will reduce their intake by at lease one half within twenty four hours of the first treatment. Some quit completely after the first treatment. Several additional treatments generally allow the patient to stop without experiencing the negative side effects of quitting. Acupuncture has also shown to be effective with diet in weight control.
Auriculotherapy.jpgOn the ear there are more than one hundred acupoints which relate to various organ systems and parts of the body. During fetal development the first structure to form is the brain and spinal cord. At eight days of development a projection from the mesoderm will develop a small nob which ultimately will become the external ear. All parts of the body both internal and external will have a specific reflex point on the external ear. Stimulation of one or more of these points elicit remarkable healing response.
The ancient Asians as well as contemporary European and American practitioners view the ear as resembling an upside down fetus with all the body parts proportionately arranged in and on the ear. Therefore, the lobe of the ear would relate to the head, brainstem, face, etc. Whereas the top of the ear relates to the knee, foot, ankle, and more. The entire spine may be successfully treated through the ear.

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