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Indianapolis Chiropractor Provides Comprehensive Services

We at Dr. David Bax Injury & Rehabilitation Centers in Indianapolis have spent years forming a team that can help patients with virtually any of the healing methods needed for good health, injury rehabilitation, or the restoration of good health. Our Indianapolis chiropractor, Dr. Bax, offers chiropractic care at our two locations: The South Indianapolis office on Stop 11 Road and the West office on Eagle Creek Parkway.

Therapies Include Chiropractic, Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care is designed to lightly manipulate your spine into its ideal position. Since a spine that is improperly aligned can cause disc problems, joint problems, physical pain, and health issues that affect the whole body, spinal health is essential for overall well-being. We treat painful conditions such as varied as fibromyalgia, sciatica, and carpal tunnel with great success every day.Indianapolis chiropractic care and massage therapy

Some patients may find that a standard spinal adjustment is more than they actually need for their particular problem, and it is for that reason that our office offers gentle adjustments with a small tool known as an Accustim. The Accustim tool is able to isolate very specific segments of the spine, and then use this pin-point accuracy to make minute adjustments that can have a big impact on mobility. The Accustim delivers between 12 and 14 tiny non-painful thrusts per second. These tiny thrusts have been shown to have remarkable results in patients seeking improved range of motion.

We offer cold laser therapy as a complementary therapy, or as a stand-alone therapy, depending upon the patient needs. The laser machine is a tiny device that packs a lot of healing power. The job of this laser is to encourage cell mitochondria to heal. Cells will naturally regenerate themselves given time, but the cold laser dramatically hastens that healing. This allows for relief from muscle pain, joint trouble, sore back and neck, and arthritis.

Indianapolis chiropractor offers physical therapyPart of our whole health concept here at our Indianapolis chiropractor is nutrition help. We offer healthy eating counseling to our patients because we know that good nutrition will tie in together will all the therapies we offer here. A properly fueled body is better able to accept treatment and is far better able to retain good health for many years into the future.

We may prescribe some physical therapy treatments to help improve body strength and function. These exercises often go right along with good food choices, and together they will lead to a body that may be healthier than patients could have even hoped for when they came here for the initial consultation.

Our chiropractor and our staff strongly believe in our total patient wellness philosophy. We encourage patients with any physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, auto injury trauma, headaches, carpal tunnel, PMS, pregnancy, slipped disc, scoliosis -- or nearly any physical pain problem -- to call us for a consultation at 317-291-7246.
We would be happy to custom design a therapy plan just for you. We will accept nothing short of whole body wellness for our clients!

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